Justin Bieber 'Pray'

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A day after launching the album My Worlds Acoustic, Justin Bieber then threw the video clip from the new single, Pray.This video tells how many people out there who need help. Published also footage of people residing in slums and the homeless.Before removing her video debut, Bieber had time to post the article via his Twitter account to support his album and invite others to join charities."So if i show u guys the official video for # PRAY u earnest promise to go out and support the album at Walmart and help raise money for charity?"This video was originally posted via YouTube, but later in the block, consequently he should move to Facebook. Expressing his frustration, Bieber swore on the site."Yo youtube ... how u gonna block my own song ?!?!?! # FAIL. Dear youtube ... We started this journey and now ur Cheating on me with this Vevo Chica ... i see how it is. .. i will of some over here with facebook. "Singles Pray is one of the most ajib song for Bieber. When writing the song, he imagined the figure of Michael Jackson. Even Bieber will share revenues from the sale of My Worlds Acoustic album for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to help 170 hospitals in North America.

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