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The All American Reject is an American band that formed inStillwater, Oklahoma. This music group made ​​up of Nick Wheeler(as a guitarist, programming, electric guitar and backing vocals),Tyson Ritter (vocals and bass) and Mike Kennerty (as guitarist andtaco bell). Most of the songs made ​​by All American Rejects theme of love, self-doubt, and neglect of young children. Songs like TooFar Gone uses a sympathetic orchestral backdrop, while othersongs including the Drive Away, My Paper Heart One More SadSong and prove that loud guitars and melancholy feelings canmake rock & roll music is superb. Currently, All American Rejecthas made ​​three albums namely album Same Girl, New Songs in2001, Album of The All-American Rejects in 2002, and the albumMove Along in 2005.

Album Move Along (2005)
• Dirty Little Secret
• Stab My Back
• Move Along
• It Ends Tonight
• Change Your Mind
• Night Drive
• 11:11 PM (CST)
• Dance Inside
• Top Of The World
• Straitjacket Feeling
• I'm Waiting
• Can't Take It
• Eyelash Wishes

Album The All-American Rejects (2002)
• My Paper Heart
• Your Star
• Swing, Swing
• Time Stands Still
• One More Sad Song
• Why Worry
• Don't Leave Me
• Too Far Gone
• Drive Away
• Happy Endings
• The Last Song

Album Same Girl, New Songs (2001)
• One More Sad Song
• Drive Away (EP Version)
• Too Far Gone
• Don't Leave Me
• Her Name Rhymes With Mindy
• Fembot
• Pillsbury Doughgirl
• She Mannequin
• Girl Of My Dreams

Other songs outside label :

• Bite Back
• Donde Iran
• Get Out Of It
• Girl Of My Dreams
• I'm On The Football Team
• Kiss Yourself Goodbye
• Let Me
• Paper Heart
• Photograph
• The Cigarette Song
• What Dreams Are Made Of
• Whats Goin' On

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