Sacrifice In Islam

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What is the meaning of sacrifice?

Qurban meaning not only - subject to slaughter animals, it is only symbolic meaning of qurban. The real meaning is how we kill the ego, the nature of greed, excessive love of wealth and position or power, always beruburuk suspect.

therefore the momentum of Eid al-Adha should be willing to renew the spirit of sacrifice. Sacrifice for the sake of nation and state, rather than sacrifice the nation for its own sake and his group.

During this time the meaning of sacrifice associated with the Eid al-Adha is always interpreted as slaughter goats, buffalo or cow. According to you, can be interpreted contextually sacrifice?
Then what is the meaning of contextual?

What must be remembered, the word sacrifice comes from the Arabic-yuqaribu qaraba-qurbanan-qaribun, which means close. That way, best friends means a close friend. The meaning of sacrifice in Islamic terms means that we try to get rid of things that can hinder efforts to bring us closer to God. Barrier closer it is pagan or nature - the nature of the animal in its various forms, such as ego, lust, love power, love of property, slander and others to excess.

What is the real underlying message from the compliance history of Abraham and Ishmael with a sheep's replacement?

Two main things. First, the heart (Abraham - ed) to be close to God because of his passion had been killed. Second, with the poor connected with love, in the form of share love with our fellow human beings. The meat was actually only a symbolic meaning. The main one is its success has been killed / slaughtered egoism in its various forms.

Sacrifice, as a continuation of lessons a symbolic ritual of Abraham, also showed that a variety of clothing and social status really no good in the eyes of God. The Qur'an states, only ketakwaanlah calculated at the sight of Allah. So, with real sacrifice is to kill various ego before, which can be prohibitive effort devotion to God. Hajj and sacrifice equally delivery and foster a sense of peace and security, and they both evoke the spirit of togetherness.

In the context of sacrifice, if we do not have the spirit of sacrifice and love, especially to the people and communities, this nation will be destroyed. It should be recalled, the destruction of a nation that began when the elite and its people do wicked, unjust, immoral, and ignores the law. And the destruction will occur. This is the Quran that speak (Surah 17:16 - ed).

"Then we reduced the treasure?"

of course not, because with our luck would sacrifice god willing, will be added by the all-powerful.
hence no need to worry if we sacrifice. And one thing that must be remembered!
if we sacrifice engga have wanted to show off or prove our kalu generous. After all, we're living in the world do not own and had to share. Correct?

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  1. Newsoul says:

    Yep dengan semangat berkurban, semoga kedamaian makin meningkat (keegoisan makin berkurang), kepedulian pada sesamapun meningkat. Great post.

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